We are two engineers by training, but our true passion is dance!

Emily started dancing L.A. style salsa with the University of Waterloo Mambo Club in 2017. Chaveen trained with various dance companies in the G.T.A. from 2012-2018.

We met at a Latin dance street festival in 2018, found that our styles aligned well, and started practicing together to learn new moves. Because we were self-teaching at this point, we had to carefully break down and analyze moves we wanted to learn, understanding the lead/follow cues and styling opportunities. You could say we take a bit of a systematic engineering approach, which is different from other dance teachers! When we share moves and combinations with others, we share these careful breakdowns in a way that we find is highly effective for beginners! We are continually learning and improving ourselves, and will always have new info to share with you!

We believe that dance should be fun, affordable, and inclusive; we structure our weekly classes and fees based on these principles. We’d love to share our unique style with you. Hope to see you on the dance floor soon!