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Best dance instructors ever!!
— Keisha M.
Chaveen and Emily are the most kind, professional and attentive instructors. They break complex patterns into simple steps that are easy to follow. Not one minute of the lesson is wasted.
— Lena G.
Incredible instructors, they are patient and able to adapt to all levels during a social dance class. I felt comfortable learning a new style and look forward to getting more lessons in the future.
— Chantelle Elizabeth
In only a few months of lessons, I saw my dancing improve drastically. Lessons with Chaveen and Emily are the perfect mixture of helpful and fun, pushing me to improve my skills while maintaining a really positive atmosphere!
— Rachel S.
Chaveen and Emily really helped improve my techniques and bachata basics. The patterns they teach is appealing and look absolutely incredible on the social dance floor. 10/10 would recommend them.
— Fawwaz S.
I have taken part in both group and private lessons with Chaveen and Emily and they create a really comfortable environment for all varieties of dancers. They help hone technique with individual and partner work and send me home with exercises and steps to practice on my own. Very personable and passionate people!
— Naomi J.
Chaveen & Emily are great! Their classes are fun and really break things down so everyone can enjoy and learn!
— Neal C.
Chaveen and Emily are great at giving personalized feedback in all of their classes. Its also the best value I’ve seen as a student in KW for learning or improving on bachata dancing.
— Josh L.
Chaveen and Emily are very kind and knowledgeable instructors who enjoy dancing with their students / participants. They make you feel comfortable and confident and are both amazing dancers and super fun to dance with! :) They really helped me with my Bachata technique. Would definitely recommend them!
— Melissa N.
Amazing instructors! They are so kind and patient, I had alot of fun learning from them. Emily and Chaveen tailored the difficulty of their classes to the skill level of their students which ensured the classes were challenging, yet suitable, for everyone. They also took time to work with each student individually which really helped me improve the moves I was struggling with.
— Helen D.
Even if you have two left feet Emily and Chaveen will get you dancing with the best of them in a short time. I really enjoy my classes and will continue to improve with their instructions. Emily and Chaveen are awesome teachers. Such fun!!
— Manuela M.
Amazing class with amazing teachers! It was my first time attending a dance class and i had a great time! very easy to understand and follow! made me feel like a pro! I would recommend this to anyone!
— Pablo A.
Fun, talented, sexy and friendly
— Haleema C.